About The Mission

Driven To Help!

With the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for those serving our community by fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided that we wanted to do something to help.  We are a husband and wife team working (initially) on creating and assembling face shields using 3D printed components from our home 3D printer.

As we have moved forward in our effort, our mission has grown to include leading a team of volunteers who have stepped forward to volunteer their time for our campaign.  We have also expanded into sewn cloth masks and 3D printed door openers.  In doing so, these volunteers have enabled us to be on track to grow our mission to serve as many organizations in our area as possible.  Our volunteers spend their time making products, assisting with gaining publicity for the mission, and more.

Our goal is to get PPE in the hands of those who need it as quickly as possible.  As such, we use funds raised to buy the materials to create our own products and also to purchase face shields outright from businesses who are able to rapidly manufacture them.  In order for DMV Fighting COVID to continue to be successful, we will continue to need donor support and volunteer support.  We believe that if we work together as a community, then we can meet the needs of the DMV area and beyond!