Making a Difference!

From the Holy Cross Facebook Page

"Hobie and Alicia Cohen, whose daughter was born at Holy Cross Hospital, donated hundreds of 3D printed face shields to Holy Cross Health. Mr. and Mrs. Cohen worked with other 3D printer owners to provide protective gear across the region. We thank all our donors for their generosity and inspiration! You can also support our efforts and colleagues by contributing to our COVID-19 Response Fund or by making an in-kind donation. To learn more, visit"

J. Gregory Jolissaint, MD, MS, CPE - COVID-19 Incident Management

"It has been a true pleasure and a blessing working with Hobie, Alicia, and the entire DMVFightingCOVID Team; and as their biggest recipient of 3D printed face shields, I can verify their work is 1st rate! Our staff members actually prefer the 3D face masks more than the ones we receive thru our supply chain (because they are more comfortable, and they can be cleaned and re-used)!"

Melissa Brunet - X-ray Technician

"Thank you again so much for your kindness and generosity. The staff is so appreciate of the donations. The radiology dept feels a lot safer while fighting this pandemic. I’m so impressed by the design. It’s easy to clean and fits great."

Eileen Kutchak - Director of Parish Programming

"As we prepare to re-open our school building for parents to pick-up their children’s belongings and our church for worship, we will use a limited number of the face shields to help protect the staff and volunteers who will have possible close encounters with others. Going forward, when the new school year begins, the school nurse, lunch ladies, receptionist and of course our custodians will benefit.

Thank you very much!"