Face Shield Design

Thoughtfully Created!

Our Model

We are using a customized PRUSA RC3 model.  We are grateful to PRUSA for making their design available to the public.  The modifications that we have made to the original design include:

  • Curved hooks to catch and hold the rubber bands
  • Pegs compatible with standard U.S. 3-hole punch
  • Shortened rim for faster production time and reduced use of printing filament

Materials Used

These are the materials that we are using in our current design:

  • PLA plastic (3D printed headbands)
  • Non-latex rubber bands (head straps)
  • Various 7mil or 8mil report covers (clear face shields) 

Face Shield Cost Per Unit

Over time we have been able to decrease the cost per unit of the face shields that we are creating!  The progression has developed as follows:

$2.82 –> $1.42 –> $0.90 –> $0.88–>$0.66